Photography Bas Van Est

Photography Bas Van Est


Lina and holistic medicine

Lina has been familiar with nutritional therapy since she was 16 years old. That was her first contact with plant medicine.
In her 20’s she studied at Nordiskt Näringscenter in Stockholm, Sweden. She has a diploma in nutritional therapy and phyto therapy (herbalism).
A two years school covering the most known holistic medicine methods like; Iridologi, kinesiology, living blood analysis, facial diagnosis, tung diagnosis, hair mineral analysis.
She studied functional medicine, micro-nutrition, diets, food and nutrition.
On the side she studied two years of phyto therapy (herbalism), that covered the uses of herbal medicines in form of tinctures, dried herb and tablets. The benefits and personalities of different herbs. External uses, and internal uses.
Lina also has a studied intuitive plant medicine.

“To find the balance, in the lifestyle and to (re)connect to our natural body and spirit is a part of our health and it is the main tool for longterm wellbeing.”

Her work with her clients is aiming for the long term health and there is no rule for everyone, because each individual is different.

Working with healing plants, food, mindset and physical health is how we can reach an improved result for the individual, for the people around and for the earth.

She inspires from and work with traditional herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, alchemy, medical astrology, healing foods, and with her own method she calls Nordic Ayurveda mixed with mind and body work.
Her practice is not only designed by any certification or degree; but instructed by the nature itself. Including the wisdom and study of plants, intuition, experiences, surroundings, colors, creativity and meditation.

The importance of her work is to be in line with nature, the seasons and the constitution and needs of the client. The healing process is not just used like a drug to remove symptoms; but to bring people back to their true nature and provide healing that contributes the evolution of humanity.