The Good Future Food

If you looked back, maybe 20-40 years ago, the “new food” was the food we didn’t know yet. Thai food, ayurvedic food, chinese foods… etc.
We would import different spices, herbs and powders and even fresh produces from all over the world in the search for a ‘new dish’ and restaurants from all over the world, will have its ‘place’ in every country. And the cheaper food, would even be the food who actually has its origin far away.

A chef, has a big role in teaching people how to eat and what to eat. Not only with their presentation and combinations of spices, but also educating people on what the ingredients actually are in the dish and eating with the seasons.

The new food will be the food we see in our surroundings in nature, that we have forgotten we could eat. We need to re-discover our plants and spices and I think we will be amazed by the results.

I believe that those new spotlights will not be on the star-chef, but more oriented to the farmer and the people cultivating in a fair and sustainable way in the near future.
 And it is the chef’s responsibility to serve food that has planet friendly and local ingredients.

If you ask me about the future food, I believe you will have to look way back to when our ancestors knew about all those plants growing outside, the edible ones and medicinal ones. I can even see more hunters, more local farms and chef’s that explore the new-old-local way of following the seasons with respect.

We are still far away from a society that put in focus those people who actually work with local approach. But there are more and more interest in this. The only thing I wish is that it will not only be a new fashion and seen as something luxury, posh and ‘rock-star-chef’s food’, but actually for everyone, no matter the pocket and no matter where.. I think good food should be able to be served for everyone! I wish that those farmers who actually works without industrial mass productions and without pesticides can keep on working and be happy. And may there be more of them!

If you want to know more about future food, and vegetarian local foods and plants. I include this in my consulting for companies. I share what I know about it and I work in a sustainable way to get the business growing in a long lasting and planet friendly way respecting the native culture.
I work with my heart and have a big gratitude for those farmers who make my plate taste like it should do.



Photo Arthur Romain

Photo Arthur Romain

Lina Bou