Buckwheat & Almond Scones with Dried Figs

Scones were some of the first cooking experiment I played with. Because I love the concept of it, it goes fast, you can make it just 15-30 minutes before breakfast and it doesn’t contain yeast.
And then I traveled far, with my own versions... Different flours, naturally gluten free and with different ‘touches’ of spices or fruits. Now it is time for you to play!
— Lina
Scones by Lina Bou, photo Sati Faulks
Scones by Lina Bou

Buckwheat & Almond Scones with Figs

6 - 8 normal sized scones

4 dried figs, soaked over night, and cut in smaller pieces
2 dl / 120g almonds
3 dl / 180g buchwheat flour
2 dl / 120g almond flour
1 dl / 65g sunflower seeds
1 tbsp oil (olive, cocos or butter)
0,5 dl / 30g linseed
1 tsp fiberhusk
0,5 tsp salt

3-4 dl / 300-400ml hot water

Mix the ingredients together with the water in a bowl.
The dough gets very sticky, form breads with a spoon if needed.
Bake in 200 degrees, 14-15 minutes.

Serve with nut-butters, cheese or jams!

Lina Bou