Golden Sunflower Butter

This recipe, is for sure one of the most simple recipes, and one of the best. I know you probably read that sentence before many times. But no kidding, for me this is it.
The sunflower butter that makes you go crazy.
It is the best spread in the mornings, or as a snack for the little blood sugar dip with a fruit.. Probably delicious with ice cream and much more variations are to be discovered!

Probably my best story with sunflower butter is when I cooked for a bunch of happy Aussis. They fell in love, started #sunflowerbutterforlive and before they left they bought 3kg of sunflower seeds for me to make them take away boxes on their travels. The sweetest, funniest and amazing sunflower stoke.

Now to the recipe...

What you need:
500g organic sunflower seeds, toasted golden - not burned!
pinch of salt

A good food processor, that handle mixing for about 15 minutes without burning.

Add the sunflower seeds in your food processor and mix.
It will start becoming like a flour, and then become more and more soft when the oils in the seeds are coming out.
After about 5 min, you want to stop the mixer to just carve down the sunflower paste from the edges, give it a stir and continuing mixing.

After about 15-20 minutes you will have your golden sunflower butter!

Lina Bou