The meaning of 'My Taste Of Health'

My Taste Of Health

A name created in the countryside of Sweden, the year of 2011.
It was a name of a website, where I shared some thoughts and recipes.
Today you find my Journal here on my site instead, but the title ‘my taste of health’ is still seen around.
And so I wanted to share the thoughts, and meanings about this page, that for me is more than a blog, or a recipe index.
It is something, that follows me through my work and living.

My Taste Of Health in words.
wild. free. happy. dance. sustainable. planet friendly.
traditional western / Nordic medicine. wild edibles. foraging.individual health. plant medicine. pleasure. pure. re-wild. back to basic.creative. inspiring. non commercial. fun. local. peace. education.intuition. clean. plant astrology. dreamy. detailed. farm to table. non labeled.raw. moon and the sun. nutrition. taste. nature. from the heart.
Photo by Lina Bou

And that is why MY TASTE OF HEALTH, was created from the beginning.
With the answers of the way I see a healthy planet, person and food.
Not through a trend, not through a mango smoothie, but through nature and the pureness of life and a persons taste buds, mindset and pleasure.

My taste of health can be a meal, a meeting, a walk, a dance party, a tasty cake, a great moment - made with heart and pleasure.

See you around,
my love


Lina Bou