Meet Photographer Bas Van Est

You can feel from a far distance, when people do what they love.
When I meet people with passion and incredible skills, I cannot only admire them and get inspired,
but also my heart fills with joy.
I am very thankful that I have passionated people around me, that dare to express themselves and follow their passions to explore and share their skills.

Source  Bas Van Est

I met Bas, when I was cooking for my friends Lara & Brooke at Back2Roots Retreats in the alps last summer. Bas was there to capture the week of a french love affair with the Australian fairies.
The lights of these mountains and the valley, invite you to a real show.
The rivers are ice cold, and gorgeous.
The farmers, and the food produce are pure gold.

A photographer takes many courageous decisions, to catch the perfect moments, with the right sight, it is a great skill.

I think it is important to highlight people that crossed your path, that shares a passion that you believe in and have made you grow in some way.
Many of the photos on my website, and in my ebooks are taken by Bas, and so to come a little closer behind the scene I asked Bas a few questions.

Here’s a great human, friend, photographer, cook, surfer, explorer, and perfectionist!

Bas Van Est

Bas Van Est

- Where are you based?
I'm basing myself out of Amsterdam at the moment. BUT...with regular visits back to New Zealand where I have lived for the past 16 years.

- How did you arrive to 'behind the lens'?
After quitting my office job and travelling 6 months in South America I finally had the headspace to let my creativity run free. Taking photos during these travels sparked something that turned into an obsession. 

- What is it that you like about food/ eating / cooking?

I love combining different textures to hit the spot that's almost indescribable...if you know what I mean.  Whether the texture is tactile or in the flavours, finding the right balance is pretty fun and something I always look for when I cook myself. 

When I eat food out I still think about the things I would add or subtract to improve the overall balance, I can't help it ha!

- Share a great -food-  memory:
This is a great question.

My favourite memory is from Cuba. Though the local cheaper back street eateries were a bit underwhelming we hit the taste jackpot on the last day there. Me and my girlfriend had a swordfish dish accompanied by a good few authentic Cuba Libres. The food was simple and incredible, the vibe was high and the rum glow carried us right to the airport and back to Mexico with an everlasting memory to match. 

Source  Bas Van Est

- What is your action for the planet?
Contrary to the Cuba story above, I now mainly eat a plant based diet. And by mainly I mean, if someone cooks for me somehow a fish sauce or butter element is added to the dish, I won't make a fuss of it.

I love the challenge of finding plant based alternatives for meals and it's actually quite exciting to know that I'm evolving my pallet in a completely new direction to what I grew up with.

Eating mostly organic, plant based and plastic free is my way to reduce the demand for those things that cause so much harm to the environment. 

- Does food have an impact on how you surf, take photos, live, travel...?

Most definitely! I do things at 100 miles an hour and always on the go so I really focus on having the right intake of healthy foods to be able to fulfil all of the pursuits, both work and play, to the best of my energy and ability.

Source  Bas Van Est

- Anything else to share about anything else in your life that should be written on my website:

I'm glad you ask. Can you please duplicate yourself so more Lina's can do the work you do and spread the wealth of knowledge on healthy wholesome food and how to spread the good vibes. Thanks!

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