A Walk Without Gilded Bronze

Walking, strumbeling, thinking, wandering, imagining.
Who said all roads leads to Rome?

The Milliarium Aureum (Classical Latin: [miːllɪˈaːrɪʊm ˈau̯rɛʊm]; Italian: Miliario Aureo), also known by the translation Golden Milestone, was a monument, probably of marble or gilded bronze, erected by the Emperor Caesar Augustus near the Temple of Saturn in the central Forum of Ancient Rome. All roads were considered to begin at this monument and all distances in the Roman Empire were measured relative to it.[1] On it perhaps were listed all the major cities in the empire and distances to them,[2] though the monument's precise location and inscription remain matters of debate among historians.

According to Philip Schaff,[3] the phrase "all roads lead to Rome" is a reference to the Milliarium Aureum—the specific point to which all roads were said to lead. A marble structure speculated to be the base of the milestone is present in the Roman Forum.
- Wikipedia

As I walk in life, the more I discover that the road we are supposed to take in this society is the opposite of what I almost always choose.

When we are kids, everything is vivid. We see magic in everything, and small things make big matters in our eyes. We watch adults nodding heads about our silly problems, and they go on with their dramas.
Then we are thrown into an education system in which nevertheless seems to imprison an awakening mind, rather then freeing it.
What if you could see and feel everything like it was new to you. How would your life change, imagine every step, every mornings, being like new again.
What would you change? How would your day look like?

I have recently stumbled into more than one conversation/text about wonder.
And, without funny word-game, it makes me wonder, and want to take my passionate self to the next step.

That juicy, crazy, exciting and hopeful feeling. That everything is possible.

I took the degree that might lead to a “proper career“; I married the wrong man; took out a crippling mortgage so I could live in a tiny house in a city I didn’t want to be in; applied for a ‘better’ (corporate) job so I could pay the mortgage, and as a consequence worked such long hours that I was hardly ever in the house I didn’t actually want but was now selling my soul for. I spent three hours each day communicating among frazzled and frantic London crowds, served the soulless corporations, bought the right suits to keep my bosses happy, regulary mowed my suburban lawn to keep my neighbours happy, and smiled brightly through it all to keep my mother happy.
- Shanon Blackie

The other day I was having a conversation with a bird from the van, I was in the forest near a river in the alps. We had a nice chat, and it sang a great song for me. Then I went back to work, feeding 19 people, that came from all over the world.
Such a privilege, to be feeding all those billions of cells. When I do so, my mission is to be 100% present, and careful what goes in those bodies.
If I cannot choose what vibrant tools I want to use, it is not in my interest.
People getting caught in numbers, and other peoples wishes are lost in another world.
Imagine that every single human walks around with a huge possibility to believe, create and to be their best selfves.

A happy breeze through the morning air, came through my window, I swallowed it with my morning coffee and ran into my mail box.
- a normal persons normal morning

This text, is something between a daily doze of reading, some thoughts and messages from myself through others. Maybe it will hit you on the spot, maybe you will think I am high on something other than a daily doze of coffee or maybe you are just like me - a creature that want to write, that see and feel the air and words coming to you for a reason.
Bonne journée.

Lina Bou