An Alpine Story

Goat bells ringing, a fresh wind breeze reaches the mountain top from above, reminding us to breath.
The early mornings, are quiet, slowly awakening senses with coffee smells and night dream tells.

Entering the kitchen in the early hours is full commitment, for the whole day.

“I like it raw, real, tasty, surprising, sustainable, simple and natural.
I am here to serve the people, the planet, the farmer, the village, the nature, the wild and Myself.
People I work with appreciate the way I speak through my creations.”

A moment of trust, infinite creative intuition, and well organized calculation of portion by portion, to feed the folks with magic Alpic broth. A lady chefs mission, is to heal bellies and taste buds and make their adventure as pleasant as possible between yogic practices and laughter.

It is an important role, a role that takes a decision not only for oneself, but many others.
Because the chef choose the fruits.
The closer we get to the birth place of the fruit, and the hands that have cared for its healthy growth, the more care and caution will we have for its value.

You have to love the produce, to take care of it.
Like a landscape, like a friend, like a home and like our planet.
And to love, you have to know the story and connect with it.
— Lina

Photography from Jenni Dawes
At Back2Roots Retreats, French Alps July 2019.

Lina Bou