Reflecions Of Embodiment

I woke up, with the sunlight on my face.
I saw the clock, showing the hour.
’What should I be doing by this time of the day?’
I leave my warm sheets, to brush my teeth, and those nightly dreams off my body.
I start my day.

Walking on the streets.
A bird fly pass me, I am watching the bird, as I watch my steps, to not crush into something unexpected.
I continue walking, thinking about what’s next, or what has been, and what to come.

My watch shows 13pm.
It is time to eat.

I woke up with the sunlight on my face.
It must be morning, the sun feels warm through the windows.
Good morning.
I am grateful for the sun, waking me up carefully from my dreams.
I am stretching my body, giving it time to warm up and walk to the bathroom.
I brush my teeth, and I give a gentle massage to my belly and back to awaken my inner world, together with a nice shower to start fresh.
A new beautiful day.

Walking on the streets.
A bird pass by me, I hear its song, maybe it is talking about me with his friends. I say hello, and look on the bird and smile. I can feel like if the bird is smiling back at me.
An idea struck me, maybe I should take a walk in the park instead, because the birdsong reminded me I haven’t been much in nature lately.
I turn left, and walk towards the park to hear more of the bird songs.

The sun is now high up in the sky, and my belly starts to make little sounds.
I feel it is time for a meal to nourish my body and cells.

Lina Bou