Lina Bou
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Photography: Olivier COCHARD

Photography: Olivier COCHARD


Linas book

Discover nutritional therapist Lina Bou's recipe for healthy living, with this inspirational cookbook for the modern lifestyle. Cooking isn't just about eating the right foods - it's about being inventive, having fun and enjoying a healthy relationship with what you eat.

Whether you're looking for tasty brunch ideas, delicious dinners, energising snacks or mouthwatering sweet treats, Lina shows you how to make simple, nutritious vegetarian meals (suitable for all!) easy enough for anyone to rustle up with the minimum of fuss.

There are also suggestions for vegan alternatives, plus recipes free from gluten, dairy and sugar - the most common intolerances. All recipes feature a health-benefit key, indicating at a glance whether they help improve your immunity, boost your energy, balance your hormones, and more. And there's advice on sensible detoxing, too.

Lina's cookbook was released in France January 2018 by Leduc Editions and in UK January 2018 by Eddison Books.
Later same year, April 2018 her book was released in the USA.



I wanted to write a cookbook, that was for
everyone. And sorry I am not going to say what you might want me to say..
Many 'healthy cook books' tend to strive for and recommend a certain way of living and eating, and it is a whole trend what to put in your mouth today. I believe that every individual is different and as much as seasons change our bodies needs also change, everyone differently. So how can one diet be good for everyone? First of all,
- what do you enjoy eating?
- Second, what is growing around you?
With those two sentences you got it pretty far ahead than any food trends. When it comes to therapeutic, and environmental facts - the food we tend to over eat and are poor in nutrition today because of its high processed and refined end product are; sugar, dairy and gluten.
So I wanted to make a book, without those three - but that still could be used by anyone. I wanted the book to be an inspiration, like a photo book with small stories and facts. As a base, for everyone to use as a creative start to make their own cuisine the way they wanted.

Because I think what people are missing is not a diet - but fun, pleasure and inspiration !
/ Lina