Personalized Cleanse Plan

Photography Summer Staeb

Photography Summer Staeb

To invest in a personalized cleanse plan, is probably the most affordable and amazing thing you can do for your personal health. It can be very simple, and pleasant. You just need to find your way of doing it. The goal is to 'clean the past', and re-build healthy habits. It is much easier to do when you are guided through the steps and have someone that supports you when needed, that’s why i am offering you your own personalized plan.
The most important thing, is that you are committed.

The cleanse plans are every spring and autumn and the dates open for bookings will be announced bellow. please note that there are limited spots for the personal cleanse plan.

We will eat the right foods and plants to support the natural detoxification process in the body, and go through how to eliminate and how to support organs.
So this cleanse includes foods, it is not a fasting and you will not starve or feel suffering. The food plan will have some ‘restrictions’, to have optimal cleansing results it is important to respect and follow those. Of course it can be a bit hard to change your habits, but this is because we have abused our body's natural ability to function by itself. Again, to re-build healthy habits, is a life long investment. This cleanse is very smooth and easy to follow.
If you have any questions about cleanse, read more here.

  • The cleanse can be from five days to 14 days.
    We are all different, and we need to adapt our cleanse, as with everything in life, to our own pace to make it successful.

  • It can be done from all around the world.

  • The investment for this personal detox plan is 150 euros.
    That includes:

    • Two pages specific cleansing guidelines with your own individual cleansing herbs (the coast of the supplements is not included in the price, but I will give you the link on where to find it in your Country)

    • Your own emotional and spiritual cleansing ritual

    • Tips and guidelines in the kitchen, recipes from my book the “Good Food Good Mood” Cookbook.

    • My E-Book with 60 pages inspiration and 30 recipes.

    • Personal support at any time if you have questions about anything during the cleanse, I am here.

    • We will have a follow up after the cleanse time, digital, to check in on how you feel and leave space for comments and questions.

    • 20% discount if you would like to follow up with a Individual Health Consultation with me.

registration for personalized cleanses autumn 2019
are NOW open!
Start of next cleanse
7 - 17 October