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Frequently Asked Questions - Cleanse:
The last questions you ever have to ask yourself about detox or cleansing!
If you ask Me.

What is a cleanse?
A cleanse is made to heal your gut, kill bacteria, parasites and renew the energy in our body organs so they can do their job. For example support the natural detoxifying process to flush out excessive toxins.
We may have taken on different toxins from either foods (pesticides, parasites, overgrowth of yeast, bacteria etc.), chemicals (cigarette smoke, pollution, perfume) and even emotions (see more info bellow).
Our body maybe feel tired, and lack energy because our organs are not working properly.

Ex: Often we use stimulants to 'keep up' our energy with for example caffeine. The problem is that coffee is just stimulating our adrenal glands to activate our stress response, and instead of releasing adrenaline so the body can react to a true stressor, the adrenals are releasing this hormone in response to your coffee consumption. What happens over time is that your adrenal glands start to burn out from overuse, which can lead to adrenal fatigue. Depending on how much caffeine you consume, it can make you feel as if you have more energy, especially within the first couple of hours after consumption. However, once the effects of the caffeine have worn off, you’ll actually feel more tired than you did before you drank it. What we really need is to give energy to our adrenal glands so that they can function normally and we will not even feel the 'need' for stimulants.

To follow a cleanse plan means that during a certain period, you will cut out as much toxins and allergens in your foods to give your body a rest to re-build and feel re-energized.
In the same time you will also support your body's natural detox process and organs with special plants/ herbal medicine to optimize the elimination of unwanted 'waste' products in the body.
With me, we will also work on the emotional and spiritual part. It can include for example taking some extra time for yourself, to reconnect with the nature, spend some little time without connection or TV screens, and to relieve any emotions that is blocked in your cells. It is called 'take care of yourself' or 'relax'  in more common language.
With a well worked "add & avoid" list of cleansing tools for your cleanse, you will get supported and guided through this process.
The idea is, with a personal plan, you can also apply this onto your 'normal' daily rhythm. Even if an extra siesta is good during those days. As your body is taking a little well needed rest, you will probably feel like it at one point.. We will find your rhythm.

Why would I do a Cleanse / Detox?
There is no wonder that detox is the hottest marketing word today...
It is used everywhere and for everything, because it is something people unconsciously are looking for. And I am not fan of the fact that this word is a bit over-used and have almost a negative effect on what it actually means.
I believe that we today have lost a huge part of our natural, healthy & balanced habitues.
We have to cleanse our bodies, because we eat stuff that we wouldn't do if we only ate what our body needed in terms of nutrition and because our brain signals get addictive to it. It is more like emotional eating rather than nutritious needs. And we know it.

Today, we are exposed to more pollution and chemicals in both environment and in foods than before. We also deal with stress in work situations, but also more in daily life like the social media we are surrounded by constantly. Every single newsfeed input affect our nervous system and our stress, just by looking on whats going on in the world. And not to mention the pressure we have on ourselves, to be seen and heard on it. This social media platform has become so huge that it depends on our carriers. This is just an example.

I believe, what we really need, and what I try to achieve with a Cleanse or a Detox, is definitely not a juice fasting.. It is not to suffer nor feel hungry and tired.. But to find back a balanced healthy lifestyle, that not only take five days of doing.. But to actually get inspired and feel just amazing by having a healthier rhythm. If I would about to suggest everyone the same thing: for example doing a fasting for a few days, then I know that not everyone would eat healthy and take care of them self after the fasting is over. Because not everyone know how or feel inspired by doing it.

If I can give people five days personal cleanse plan, with not only a healthy diet that is easy, nourishing, tasty and that you can basically live on year around.. But also support with matched herbal medicine for the individual that boost the cleanse and help the eliminating, detoxifying and supporting functions in the body... The person will not only feel cleansed and renewed! But the person hopefully feel inspired to get a more natural approach of healthy eating AND natural behaviors (emotionally & spiritually connected) as a lifestyle.

We need a detox, because we introduced an "in-tox" lifestyle.
It is not normal to not taking care of your self 50 weeks per year, and have 2 weeks "detox". We need to re-learn our essential human needs! I hope that my re-setting cleanse, will detoxify you and make you realize the benefits of healthy habits in every day life.


So, what is a toxin?

Wikipedia says:
"A toxin (from Ancient Greek: τοξικόν, translit. toxikon) is a poisonous substance produced within living cells or organisms;[1][2] synthetic toxicants created by artificial processes are thus excluded. The term was first used by organic chemist Ludwig Brieger (1849–1919).[3]

Toxins can be small molecules, peptides, or proteins that are capable of causing disease on contact with or absorption by body tissues interacting with biological macromolecules such as enzymes or cellular receptors. Toxins vary greatly in their toxicity, ranging from usually minor (such as a bee sting) to almost immediately deadly (such as botulinum toxin)."

Today... Toxins can be inhaled, applied to your skin, injected or eaten with your food. Different chemicals are used in food preservation, household cleaning products, air freshener, synthetic clothes colorants, there are GMO's, Bisphenol-A (BPA), pesticides and you name it.

Toxins can affect our health in many ways. The body is designed to get rid of toxicity through our liver, kidneys and intestines. When these three main pathways aren't functioning properly, toxins exits through our skin and lungs. Acne, skin rashes and chronic fatigue are just a few signs that our bodies are backed up with toxins. Since toxins are everywhere, it's nearly impossible to eliminate all toxicity from our lives. However, it is possible to reduce our exposure to toxins.

Can I do this, and still continuing my normal life rhythm?
This question often comes up, because to change some of your habits affect how you use your time. This is where my question for You, comes in about being committed (see bellow). It is mentally not possible to change your life habits in one day. It takes years to adjust new mental patterns. This is probably why any addiction is hard to quit because after the 'taste', it is the habitude we struggle to release.
And YES, you can continuing your normal life rhythm, actually you need to. Because when you repeat your new healthy habits everyday, that's when the change will be for real. Everyone has its own rhythm, and its important to go step by step.
The first step is to realize, and to accept your habits.
The second step, is to decide if you want to do something about it, and what is worth changing.
If you are reading this, that means that some part of you might be seeking for a change. But maybe you are afraid to loose yourself in it, or to 'fail'?
Then maybe that is exactly what is worth working for. To not be afraid.
And most probably, if you change your eating habits, and take care of yourself more, your feelings will also get stronger. Your mental strength and self love will step by step grow stronger. And only you can decide if its worth some re-adjusting in your daily rhythms or not, only You can put limit. You will set the goal, and you will work for it. I am here to guide you.

Being committed, do I have to be religious or something?
Naw, you got it wrong.. I am asking you to be committed because I want to work with motivated and serious people. I like to joke, get loose and have fun... But if someone asking me for advice, and wants my best tools how to create healthy habits, I am not gonna joke about it.
If you don't believe when I say that ; what you put in your mouth is affecting your gut, and make a change on a cellular level.. I am afraid that my guidance will not suit you.
I am also a firm believer of the power of our minds. So if you think that what I am saying is not inspiring, your motivation will probably not be there.

I am not religious about food, I want life to be a pleasure! Pleasure can be found in different ways, but to find the best we need to experience ourselves. That is why we are re-building your body and mind to get rid of the old addictions and start with new fresh healthy habits.

Can I do a cleanse even if I travel?
Tell me more about your travel and I will guide you to see what plan would be best for you. But in general, the golden "rules" are: if you can choose what to eat, if you can rest if you need , or at least have a good night sleep and that you are committed to it - there is no problem.
Some herbal medicine can even be beneficial for your travels as they kill bacteria and parasites.

What about cooking?
I provide with as much 'add' as possible on the food list, to not only see the 'bad' stuff. The personal cleans plan is also providing you my own recipes from my book that is made for everyone, and even when doing a cleanse. I found it very important that you feel comfortable in your eating and also that you don't "cheat" on a detox, because then you will not feel the positive effects. If you stick to the clean eating throughout these days, chances that you continue your healthy habits are bigger...
That's why I created this program, so you can have support and inspiration through out the days. Hopefully you also have fun and get inspired even after the cleanse! The idea is again, to inspire you to have healthy habits in every day life and that you find your way of doing it.

Will this make me loose weight?
The intention is not about weight. This is not a weight-loss program.
First of all; having healthy habits, feeling good about yourself and life - will make you stop thinking about weight if that is the case. It is not always good to loose weight, nor is it to be overweight.
When you find your healthy habits, your body will naturally adjust to its perfect fit and that is also the key to a healthy body shape. But it is not about loosing anything nor putting on. It is to accept yourself the way you are, and feel great. The rest will come as a bonus...

If loosing weight is your motivation for healthier habits, then it should not be avoided.
But for the focus to be healthy, it needs to be on the feeling more than the look.
The look, can be a motivation, but it is important that is not the only reason.

Photography Sati Faulks

Photography Sati Faulks

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