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Origin Swedish half Spanish based in France since 2012.
As a creative person that loves to work with the hands, my passion for holistic nutrition, plant medicine and food brought me to were I am today.
I am a Freelance Creative Cook, Artist, Nutritional Therapist and Herbalist - healing through food and art.

My lack of the wild nature in the city brought me to look wider. I started cooking for yoga retreats 2014 and it gave me the chance to not only be in a more peaceful environment but also in nature. And it gave me new ideas.

Since 2016 I decided to go free-lance. With a base in Paris, I moved into my second home - a van.
As a Freelance chef I am traveling around the world, to help costumers with different events. I also do distance Individual Health Consultations to give you tools for a healthier lifestyle.
Today I am based in the Basque Country.

 Photography Bas Van Est

Photography Bas Van Est

 Photography Laurence Revol at Providence Guethary

Photography Laurence Revol at Providence Guethary



My Journey
I started very early being interested in food, healthy living and sport. When I was 16 years old I started deepening my knowledge and use in nutritional- and plant medicine. I could see and feel the great benefits in my energy when changing my diet. I became stronger and happier and I felt straight away that it is a subject that must spread the world even more: The Medicinal Power of Food.
I traveled the world, and came back to Stockholm in my twenties to study nutritional therapy and herbal medicine for two years. During and after my studies I worked with several health and food companies in Stockholm.
In 2012 I moved to Paris, France, where I have been engaged with different quality Cafés as been cooking for several Yoga Retreats on the side. After managing Cafe Smörgås for two years I have been traveling the world to my clients since January 2017, as freelance.

In my cooking there are no rules, except quality produce and hygiene. For the food to taste good the creativity needs to flow. My biggest tool in the kitchen, and in art, is intuition. I like natural plates, with focus on the vegetable. Simple but surprising, tasty and energizing.

Wild edibles that has been harvest in the close nature teach people about new flavors, textures and about what is actually growing around in their surrounding. I love sharing that passion, it often surprises people, very positively.

Our choices as Cooks, have a big great role in the society. To choose sustainable way to cook and organic or small farmers products, makes not only your choice but the ones eating it too. To follow the seasons, and educate people about your food I believe make a big difference in the world. Because, it is the lack of education that make people making bad choices. I work with local farmers, and always aim for a sustainable collaboration. The farmers are the hero’s.

“I combine my love for creation with good food and my knowledge in plant medicine and holistic nutrition. I think one of the best ways to attract peoples attention is through art. My drawing and illustrations of local medicinal plants did a success. My message was to show people all the healing plants we are surrounded by, but on the walls. Old wise history with a new perspective.”

Lina has exposed her art at gallerie OFR in Paris, at Providence Guethary and other places. Latest collaboration is the OFR totebag in organic cotton with her echinacea drawing, sold worldwide.

By Lina Bou

Healthy Body Happy Mind
If you ask Lina what diet she has, she will probably answer none, or qualitarian. Her sensibility for food combinations is high, but she doesn't like to talk about diets or take food as a religion. The one thing she cares most about is to respect the nature around. To adapt the food to the surroundings and the climate, she thinks is the best option for the locals and the people. Then she can adapt for the clients, and the needs, of course. But her job is to make everyone happy, from the farmer to the one tasting her food.

Everyone has different needs, tastes and desires, In art, music, dance and also food. I think that what we eat is as vital to the state of our general health as is love, relationships, self care, art and creativity. The balance is very important, something i confirmed with myself and also working as Nutritional Therapist.
Surrounding yourself with loving friends and relationships, enjoying your daily life and feeding your spirit is equally nourishing as healthy eating, that is my belief, and I wish to give that message and inspire people to enjoy and follow their own heart.

Healthy is not what you do once in a while, it is your lifestyle – environmental, physically and mentally.

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Lina has an artist’s eye for detail, texture, flavor and masterful presentation!

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After studying nutritional therapy and herbal medicine in Stockholm, Sweden, Lina worked in several health companies as a nutritional therapist and as a private cook.

Growing up with two cultures, she early learned the different qualities of several traditions. With a Swedish discipline and a Latino passion she knew in early days that combining the best of whats around you gives the honest result. In life, and on the table.

Lina have experience in managing a cafe, being a chef for restaurants like Cafe Smörgås, Paris and Providence Guethary, Guethary, organizing workshops and guiding people in healthy living and cooking.
She has worked for companies like Renee Voltaire, Cajsa Warg, Gryningen, IKEA, Roxy.

Featured in magazines like Niepi, Fricote, Basque International, Surf Session Mademoiselle, Vegan Living, Absolutely Mama, Business of feminin, Feminin Bio, in the book “Notre Aventure Sans Frigo” by Marie and Olivier Cochard. To mention a few.

January 2018 her book "Healthy & Happy Food (FR)" got published by Leduc Edition. It also got published in UK with the title "the Good Food Good Mood Cook book" with Eddison books and later in April same year released in US.

Her book is a project she worked for over years wanting to share simple cooking for everyone. Without focusing on any certain diet, the recipes are friendly for people with intolerance's for gluten, dairy or sugar.
The book is also an artistic project, together with her friend and photographer Sati Faulks they took photos in Paris in different locations with an analog camera.
There are also some of Lina's illustrations and collages in the book.

I wanted to give a playful and artistic touch to my book, that would inspire people not only to a healthy living but to be creative in every day life.
— Lina

Nutritional Therapist 'gryningen hälsokost'

Stockholm, sweden
2010 – 2012

chef residence
providence guethary

guethary, france
may-june 2018

manager & chef
'Cafe smörgås'

paris, france
2015 – 2017

retreat chef for:
yala collective
pure experience
back2roots retreats
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Her cooking truly embodies who she is happy healthy and delicious!

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"notre aventure sans frigo ou presque"

a book about living without fridge, or almost.
By Marie & Olivier Cochard.
Find it here (french version only)